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Hey, I'm Ace Fawx Empty Hey, I'm Ace Fawx

Post by Ace Fawx on Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:30 am

G,day all

My name is Ace Fawx, if you've been to the dinner or most of the events withing the past few months you'll probably already know me.

I'm going to keep my introduction short and sweet.

I'm an Arctic Fox even though some people think I'm a wolf or a seal for some odd reason.
I'm very friendly and willing to help a fur out in a tough situation, I'm currently about to undertake my training to become a Information Systems Technician in the Australian Army. That also means I'll be away for a good nine months starting mid May, so if I don't see you by then I'll see you after and give you a big hug!

~Ace Fawx~

Ace Fawx
Ace Fawx

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