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Happy birthday safurs Empty Happy birthday safurs

Post by Syrup on Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:43 am

I honestly have no idea when the local communities birthday is buuuuuttt I got you all something anyway Razz

As of yesterday the SaFurs community has a portable BBQ for events!
Gas filled and ready to go is one of these little things (chefs chair not yet included)

Happy birthday safurs D7219089-20b3-4145-83df-4d57e75b1f8b(stock image I have no idea what colour ours is yet, still in box)

And the good news isnt over yet, I intend to deface it.. well face it if you want to get technical and a face demands a name and that Im leaving up to you guys so give us your best shot. The judge will be Foxcub and Ill be 'chief decorator' >:3

Otherwise once this little meat heater is named we need to take it out for its maiden voyage. That task Im leaving up to Sangy or anyone else willing to organize a meet :3

I am keeping one rule on this thing whether you use it for fur meets or you borrow it for your own meets (yes youre welcome to do that), camping trips, whatever; Im happy to pay for the gas but Im not cleaning it *nod* Razz(Ill do something evil and mean if you do, mhahahaha)

Also youre not obligated to comply buuutt the foxcub intends to start up a 'picnic basket' for events so cups, plates, toys, cutlery and etc and Im just gonna ask for people to pitch in a little if they feel like it, whether they do so by providing materials (such as cups) or money isnt important, it all helps, it all counts. If you intend to cover something (like buying cups) just leave a note here so people dont double up and we end up with 50 cups and no plates.
Hopefully we will end up with a nice little community project where we all work together ^_^ <3

ANYWAY besides all that long spiel, hugs to you all!
Thanks for your time,

So happy BBQing (hopefully soon)

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